4 Wheel Laser Alignment

Our four wheel laser alignment rig is absolutely state-of-the-art and completes an alignment incredibly quickly to an exacting standard

We have a full range of manufacturer-recommended factory settings and adjustments for virtually any vehicle from modern to classic cars.

Uneven Wear

Correct wheel alignment is incredibly important - incorrectly aligned wheels increase tyre wear, affect handling and ride, and reduce your fuel economy. If you've ever had to change a tyre just because an inner or outer edge wore out, you'll know what we mean. Uneven wear can be very difficult to spot, and that alone makes correct wheel alignment absolutely vital.

Wheel Alignment Check

All these factors are further multiplied when driving a luxury or prestige vehicle. Correct wheel alignment is vitally important for sports and high performance cars. If your car is going on a ramp at Redline, then we recommend a periodic wheel-alignment check while it's there. It doesn't take long and could save you a lot of money in the long run.