Find Used Cars For Sale In London


When you’re in the market for a luxury or prestige car, we know the scale of the financial commitment involved.

We also know how much this means you need to be confident not only about the vehicle you eventually choose to buy, but also about the people you buy it from, and the service they give.

So when you’re looking for a quality used car from the most highly respected manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, you can trust the expert knowledge and friendly approach offered by Redline, a company dedicated to always bringing you an enviable range of used cars in London from these and a host of other prestigious marques.

Our beautifully-equipped and spacious showroom makes a fitting backdrop for an awe-inspiring selection of highly desirable automobiles, which we have scoured the country to assemble, and our team spends many painstaking hours to ensure they are presented at their best.

But these are cars which demand to be driven – so we’re happy to arrange for you to take to the open road in any of our used cars in London at a time to suit you.

We believe that finding just the car to meet your most exacting needs should be just as much of a pleasure as ownership itself.

So take the short route to finding the ultimate selection of used cars in London – just head straight to Redline, and check out our latest list of available vehicles online. 


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