Free Winter Checks

At Redline Service, we understand just how important it is to make sure your car is ready for winter - especially if it's a prestige or performance car

There tends to be a rush to get cars ready for the holiday period just prior to Christmas - many people are travelling, and many businesses are closed - so it's worthwhile checking that your car is 100% prepared.

We check the following:


We'll check the condition and tread depths. A good tread depth is important when driving in snow and ice, especially if you have low profile tyres.


We'll ensure that the water in your engine won't freeze.

Windscreen Wipers

Wiper performance and blade condition are really important in cold conditions.

Screen Wash System

We'll check that your washer system has a suitable concentration of screen wash so it won't freeze up - very important in an extended cold snap.


Battery condition can be affected by very low temperatures, particularly on old or lower quality batteries. This is why roadside assistance organisations can become so busy jump-starting cars in the winter.


We'll check to ensure they're in perfect working order, just when you really need them.

Heated Windows

Check to ensure they work correctly.


See and be seen. We'll make sure all your lights work correctly and that the lenses are in good condition.