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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Range Rover Velar review

The much-anticipated Range Rover Velar is finally here – but how does it fit into the Range Rover model range, and what is it like?

Range Rover Velar review

Velar was the name Land Rover adopted to hide the identity of the original Range Rover prototype (derived from the Latin to hide). Quite why they have chosen to bring the name back isn’t clear, but the new Velar marks a new direction for Land Rover who describe it as the “avant garde” Range Rover, and we think that sums it up nicely.

Positioned between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport in terms of size and price, the Velar’s focus is on delivering beauty and refinement over off-road ability, and Land Rover claim that it is the best Range Rover on road. The design is certainly striking and has echoes of the bold 2004 Range Stormer concept car.

At 4.8m long and 1900kg, it is still a pretty big car with a large boot and only 5 seats. It shares the same platform as the Jaguar F-Pace, but is larger and certainly feels as imperious on the road as a Range Rover should.

The high-quality interior shares the clutter-free design one associates with its more expensive brethren, with a full digital display and an impressive and very high-tech new infotainment system.


Prices range from £44,830 to £85,450 for the top spec+ First Edition, but even the standard cars have a good specification. Trim levels over & above the standard specification are the familiar S/ SE/ HSE packs seen on other Land Rover products, and R-Dynamic models offers additional styling tweaks. Air suspension is standard on V6 models and optional across the rest of the range.

Power & drivetrain

There are six engines to chose from – two four-cylinder diesels (178/ 237 bhp), two four-cylinder petrol engines (247/ 298 bhp) and a petrol and diesel V6 (296/ 376 bhp). 0-60 times vary from 8.4 to 5.3 seconds and extra-urban fuel economy figures from 52 – 30 MPG are claimed. It’s safe to say that Land Rover has got all the bases covered, then. All cars come with an excellent 8-speed automatic gearbox and of course, all models are All Wheel Drive. Land Rover’s excellent Terrain Response system is included – this is what provides the necessary electrickery to maintain traction on all terrains in the absence of a low-range gearbox and even experienced off-roaders would have to admit that the system works very well. Towing capacity is 2500kg, so more than enough to tow pretty much anything legally.


The Range Rover Velar fills a fairly obvious gap in the Land Rover line-up. From the outside it looks absolutely sensational and the high-tech interior is a great place to be. The refined drive is more akin to a Porsche Macan than a Range Rover Sport and will appeal to a whole new generation of Land Rover fans. This car is sure to sell incredibly well – and already has if the extremely long waiting list is any indication.

Redline have a number of Range Rover Velar available for September delivery – please get in touch with our Sales Manager Paul Whinney for further details.



Image credit: NauyopTaiwan/ Wikimedia Commons

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